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This weeks free ebook download is The Great Book of Questions and Answers

Plus! More ebook & audiobooks from previous weeks Mostly all of the books here are free to download. The Educational Ebook Section was just updated with over a dozen of new, cool & popular ebooks you can download directly right now.

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You can request a copy of The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies to Pros for no charge. It's about 50 pages and it presents an easy to read introduction to Windows 7. Among other things, the guide covers some major changes from previous versons of Windows and how to get networking up and running. Read more
The Truth About Barak Obama - The Unauthorized Biography A free ebook for you .Knowledge is power Download this Ebook here
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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam - An educated look at the pervasiveness of this so called religon by Dr. Robbert Spencer Download this Ebook here
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  • Never be Lied to Again - David J. Lieberman
  • George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography

  • Audiobook Cutter - An easy-to-use tool which splits large MP3 files into smaller ones without re-encoding.
  • David Blaine : Street Magic Revealed. Download this how - to book right now, no charge.

    Now, audiobooks are attracting even more fans because of famous narrators lending their voices to read them. You can also easily download them into computers or digital players for future use and pleasure

  • Thousands of additional audiobooks We now have over 32,000 audiobooks for you to listen to
    Enhanced Audio Our new audio format sounds so good you'll think you're in the booth with the narrator

  • For the blind and visually impaired audiobooks have always been very popular. Now more and more written publications are offering their product in audio format which will be of great help to a lot of people.
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    What are e-books?

    E-books to be decoded are electronic books. E-books are fondly referred to as ‘ecobook’ too. So, e-books or electronic books are the digital equivalent of a conventional printed book. E-books are specialized type or versions of e-text. In a typical case, e-books are usually read on personal computers or on dedicated hardware support device called e-book readers or e-book devices.

    When Michael Hart, in 1971, was given $100,000.00 worth computer time with Xerox sigma V mainframe computer, he thought that the greatest value created by the computers would not be the usual computing done by it rather it would be the storage, retrieval and searching for what was in our libraries. Michael hart went on working on his thought and thus came the first e-book. It was a copy of the ‘Declaration of Independence’. This mellow start later turned on as project Gutenberg. Gradually, the usage of e-books increased and the concept of e-books proliferated.

    A publisher has many options available to pick up the best format for the e-books to be produced. However, an average end-user might simply want to read the content, the fact of the matter is that every format has its own pros and cons and the selecting of the format can be helpful in  increasing the comfort level while reading or navigating through the pages of e-books. There are several formats available, like adobe acrobat reader’s .PDF format or word’s .doc format or other open source programs and so on.

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